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What is compliance?

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“Compliance” means that an individual or a group or an enterprise conforms with or obeys a set of rules or regulations determined by the law or any governing body. When it comes to a business and corporate management, compliance refers to the enterprise obeying all of the legal laws and regulations in regards to how they manage …


Enterprises are often plagued with worries involving tax compliance and ensuring that all tax forms are filed and payments paid. From understanding the different taxation systems across diverse states and countries, to helping enterprises meet their tax obligations, tax compliance services can help both global and local enterprises in filing tax returns, processing checks and …


Through the correct declaration and paying on time of taxes, the enterprise ensures transparency and prevents itself from being legally prosecuted. The complexity of tax laws, the high discretionary powers of tax officials, the low cost of punishment are only some factors creating opportunities for corruption in revenue administration. An enterprise can resist bribery demands from tax officials only …


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